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Touch Your World

DesignerChic Trades strives to encourage and guide individuals and their communities to work together in helping one another at a local, regional, and international level. We value the concept of transparency as our clients and the general public should always be informed with the work that they are apart of through participation from all mediums. Together we are apart of something far greater than ourselves, but it all starts with working alongside one another in promoting health and wellness for our environments. DesignerChic Trades works for the voices of others. 

We proudly support Vertical Generation in their mission in providing underserved, low-income youth the opportunity to be a part of the rock climbing community, where they can learn invaluable skills of physical and mental awareness, problem solving, self-determination, and positive support. We also proudly support Homes of Hope India in their mission in transforming the lives of orphaned, abnadoned firls throughout India. They build orphanges, schools, and provide education, food and most importantly love to start girls on to productive lives. All donations made though DesignerChic Trades go directly to Vertical Generation and Homes of Hope India in support of their efforts. With every donation you make, you can receive tax benefits while supporting their mission to help the lives of the underserved youth in the United States, and orphaned girls throughout India.



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March 11th Event was Successful!


Please help us find Captain Underpants & Tippy Tinkletrousers as they have gone missing.

Nothing remains aside from their dirty undies and a few donut crumbs, but that is all... It is manadatory that we give thoseguys their pants back!

Here is a bit about Boston K-8:

71.6% are eligible for free lunch.

Children from families with an income at or below 130% of the poverty line, where 130% is approximately $30,615 for a family of four.

It is the lowest income school in all of Aurora, CO.  

In short, DesignerChic Trades supported Boston K-8 in Aurora, CO by hosting a ridiculous event to raise awareness about the need for clean undies for children around the area. You cannot simply go to the nearest consignment shop and purchase used undies. With that being said, we dedicated a day to wearing our own undies over our pants to get people talking and even better get them to start thinking... It's all about educating!

Touch Your World & It'll Touch Other Worlds

DesignerChic Trades volunteering with Vertical Generation at Mary's Place North shelter in Seattle, WA on 11/20/16. Thank you so much to VerticalGeneration.com for the wonderful experience connecting with the families and kids, and we're so appreciative of them sharing with us a glimpse into their lives. What an awesome weekend with such great people!

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Donating with Paypal Giving Fund

When buying or selling items on Designerchictrades.com, you may select a cause to donate to. Sellers have the option to donate all or a percentage of the proceeds of your sale to a cause of your choice. Highlight your item listing for charity with the DesignerChic Trades, "Touch Your World" ribbon.ribbon  Listings that benefit a cause sell faster. All donations are tax deductible. 

If your chosen charity is not listed on Paypal or our site, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FAQS below on PayPal Giving Fund

Paypal Giving Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides companies like us, with a secure and easy way for our members to support their favorite causes. In doing so, we are able to give charities access to innovative fundraising opportunities that provide new sources of support for our work. All tax receipts are given from PayPal Giving Fund for your donations. 

DesignerChic Trades makes giving secure, easy, and reliable by:

Using PayPal Giving Fund

Partnering with nonprofits worldwide.

  • Ensuring that 100% of every donation reaches your chosen cause through PayPal Giving Fund or donating directly to the causes we support and partner with.

  • Confirming that participating causes are tax-deductible and meet international standards restricting hate, violence, and intolerance.

  • Provide information to you about certain charities.

  • Managing the tax benefits of donating.

Sellers who are interested in donating, please contact us. 

PayPal Giving Fund

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